Saturday, May 11, 2013

#SweetSat - Honor

Welcome back! Have you ever heard of a meet cute? According to Wikipedia "A meet-cute is a term sometimes used to describe a situation in film, television, etc. in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing."

I will leave it up to you whether this meeting was "adorable, entertaining, or amusing."


The vargar gate stood open and the portcullis loomed in sharp glory above the opening. We passed beneath the gatehouse without challenge though many armed men moved about with purpose and the gate master nodded us through. Riding through the shadow of the gate and into the spring sunlight, we entered a large stone-paved courtyard full of children. They scattered before us, screaming, laughing, and scrambling about.

I pulled my horse to an abrupt halt, which he protested with a snort. Or perhaps he did it in response to a red-headed urchin who dashed up and regarded my horse solemnly through eyes as deep brown as the animal’s hide.

“Your horse is tired.”

Her hair identified her as one of Rathenridge’s daughters, but beyond that, I could not place her.

“He is.” I could think of nothing else to say.

“Arietta!” A young woman barely taller than the child appeared at her side. Laying a protective hand on the girl’s shoulder, the woman glanced at me. All I caught was a flash of dark eyes before she turned to address the child, leaving me to admire the curve of her cheek and the fall of glossy brown hair over her shoulder. “Ari, you cannot walk up to strange horses like that. It isn’t safe.”

“But the horse is tired.” Arietta tried to shrug away the woman’s hand.

“I think the man knows that.” The woman’s stage whisper carried clearly in the suddenly quiet courtyard.

Suddenly I realized that I was sitting motionless on my horse while my men waited for the signal to dismount. I gave it impatiently and lowered myself to the ground as well. By the time I turned from my horse, the woman and child were gone. I glanced around only to spot them leaving the courtyard. The woman was shooing the children ahead of her through the wide main door into the keep.


So, is it amusing, adorable, or entertaining?

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The excerpt from above is from Honor, the sequel to Duty.


Patricia Kiyono said...

I was definitely entertained! The soldier seems attracted to the young woman. Is she the child's mother, or an older sister? And will he see her again? I want to find out.

E.A. West said...

I agree with Patricia. It's definitely entertaining and brings up a lot of questions that make me want to keep reading. :)

solagratiasolafide said...


solagratiasolafide said...

A bit amusing

Jenna said...

I found it amusing and entertaining. And sweet that he's so taken with her he forgets to dismount. :)