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This Saturday's Sweet Sample is the first paragraphs of Honor. Three years after the epilogue of Duty, Lord Dentin is traveling through the north eastern regions of Rhynan once again.

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“Owenchance lies over the next rise, my lord.” Rowan, my squire, nodded to where the road disappeared over the hill. “Do you wish for me to send word ahead?”

“No, don’t give them a chance to bar the gate.”

Spring breathed hope into the day. It should have been hard to remain apprehensive when young green leaves bobbed in the breeze over my head. The bright colors of young life kept bursting forth from beneath the melting snow. As typical in the northern regions of Rhynan, the heartiest of the plant life sprang forth when winter barely released its hold on the ground, a wonder that never ceased to amaze me.

Still, despite it being my favorite time of year, turmoil churned in my gut.

Sir Rathenridge’s vargar rising above the half-clothed trees might have added to my ill ease. Relations between him and me were tenuous at best. Something about the man drove me to outbursts of anger beyond any I allowed myself since my father’s death. Aiden’s flippant attitude, theatrics, and unwillingness to remain serious in times of stress raked at my nerves.

Besides he never missed an opportunity to share his acerbic opinion of me. The fact I intended to drop in on his residence unannounced would strain our already unsettled peace. However, I rarely felt anxiety over such things when dealing with others. It was part of my job to manage displeased nobles and gentry.
No, my unease had everything to do with my mission. Tomas Dyrease, Earl of Kyrenton, would not love my appearing when I delivered my news.


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Jenna said...

Very nice set-up that increases our tension. Makes me want to know what purpose his visit serves. I tweeted.

E.A. West said...

I would love to know what news he is about to deliver! Great excerpt. :)