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#SweetSat - Passing the Mantle

For an author known for writing happily ever after (HEA) endings, I have sudden taken a turn toward penning tragedies, at least in the short form. my recently finish short story, The Sword of Korma Monroe, is a tragedy. Now I am up to my ears in yet another tragedy from even earlier in the same character's life. These short stories give a fuller picture of one man's life.


Because I need to understand him and his past in order to write his future and his happily ever after. Yes, he gets one, but it is at least a decade off at the beginning of Passing the Mantle.


The twisting corridors of my childhood home echoed with Alexter and Father’s raised voices. It was a season of celebration and the two of them refused to make peace. Nigel joined me in the alcove off the curve of the main staircase. He grimaced as he sprawled on the bench that spanned the Eastern side of the recess. The red glow of the setting fell across his youth-rounded features as he glanced out the window at the bailey below.

“Whose idea was it to not have visitors for the Kurios birth celebration?”

I grunted. “Father’s, I believe.”

“Ah, right.” Nigel snorted softly. “He said something about family time.”

Alexter’s voice rose and fell, growing in volume as he drove home his point for the sixth time that evening.

“Do you think Alex is going to convince father to take up arms for King Trentham?” Nigel asked.

I tilted my head and listened to my older brother’s speech for a moment. “I doubt it. Three generations of this house have opposed the Trenthams’ familial need for conquest. I doubt Father is going to break with that tradition.”

We listened in silence as the sunlight dimmed toward twilight. Servants tread the stairs, lighting the strategically placed lanterns along the passages between the great hall and the sleeping chambers above us. One of them left a burning lantern on a step near the alcove.

The argument below ended with a crash and Father ordering Alexter to bed. Neither of Nigel or I moved as the heavy door from the hall opened and closed. Alexter took the stairs two at a time only to stop abreast of our perch.

“Nice of you two to support me.”


Who do you think won the argument?

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Patricia Kiyono said...

I'm not sure I could handle writing a tragedy. You're brave to take it on. Sounds like your character is in the middle of what could be a family feud. Can't wait to learn more.