Saturday, June 22, 2013

#SweetSat - The Reward of Anavrea

Welcome back to this week's Sweet Saturday Sample. I have a long back list of unfinished, finished and unpolished, and semi-polished manuscripts. I am working through the painful process of getting them all into print (if they are print worthy). This week's sample is from one of them.

The Reward of Anavrea is the third book of the Theodoric Saga and the only one that isn't completely devoted to a member of the Theodoric family. The main character, Liam Tremain, is a veteran soldier and second son that has risen in favor through extraordinary valor. His reward includes land and a fortress on the northern borders of Anavrea (near Rhynan). However, when he arrives the fortress is empty and locked. On the word of a young man, Liam and his men travel to a ramshackle farm to find the keeper of the keys.


Liam knocked firmly on the building’s door before realizing his mistake. The hinges were in as bad shape as the fence. The light from inside seeped through the cracks in the wood. He could hear the hush that fell over the room on the other side. Someone spoke and a few moments later a dark-haired young woman opened the door.

She looked him over solemnly from head to toe; as her eyes fell on the crest embroidered across his chest, she stiffened.

“You have come. Enter.” Her calm voice contradicted her tense body language as she opened the door and stepped back to let him pass.

The room beyond was warm and bright. A rough table stood at the center of the small space surrounded by four children. The food spread before them made a meager meal for so many. Except for a set of twin girls, there was no likeness between the children. The oldest, a boy of perhaps seventeen, was fair in complexion and hair. His blue eyes stared moodily at the food before him. The twins were dark, Ratharian dark, with the olive skin, black hair and eyes that came with the nationality. The youngest, a brown-haloed little one of perhaps five, slipped from her seat and ran to bury her face in the skirt of the young woman. 


How do you think all of the children are related?

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