Saturday, June 15, 2013

#SweetSat - Wren Excerpt

Wren is finally in paperback!

To celebrate, I am offering another excerpt from her adventure.

He wasn’t a fool. I admitted that. As I stood in the shelter of a rather large pine with more character than its neighbors, I watched Tourth.

Kat was right. He obviously needed to move to think. He paced back and forth along the top of a fallen tree. He struck the side at regular intervals with a stick in his right hand. I couldn’t hear his voice, but his lips moved as though he were speaking to himself or perhaps praying. A fall of sopping brown hair was plastered to his forehead. I was debating whether or not I should interrupt his thoughts when he turned and jumped off the log with a squelch. Frowning down at his soaked feet, he grew still amid the constant uneven tempo of rain dripping from leaf to leaf over our heads.

I stepped from my shelter and approached him. “Have you decided?”

His head snapped up in surprise. “How did you find me?” he demanded. “I didn’t leave a trail.”

I debated letting on that he had. His trail, though fainter than the one an inexperienced man might have left, was easy to follow. Settling on a more elusive response, I shrugged. “Kat asked us to find you. She is getting worried.”


Do you know someone who needs to move to think?

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Carrie-Anne said...

I love the visuals you use to create the scene.

Jean Joachim said...

Now I want to know how she followed him if he left no trail. And if he left a faint trail, how did she detect it. Well done!

Jean Joachim said...

Now I want to know how she followed him and what kind of faint trail he left. You've piqued my interest. Well done.

Anonymous said...

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