Thursday, August 15, 2013

Author Interview with Elizabeth Ender

Today I am going to introduce you to a friend of mine. Fellow writer, and now published author, Elizabeth Ender just released her first book. I am delighted she is going to join us and answer some questions so we can get to know her better.

I know I have mentioned this before, Elizabeth, but I completely love your last name. The main character of Orson Scott Card’s science fiction novel Ender’s Game has it for his a nickname (shortened from Andrew). What ethnic origin your last name derived from?

Germanic. My father is almost completely German; his mother’s maiden name was Hesse – we pretend they came over as mercenaries to help the British and then switched sides once they actually saw America. J Highly unlikely, but we have fun. One of his relatives did a lot of research and came up with the Ender coat of arms (it includes peacock feathers, which we find amusing, as we have raised peafowl for years) and motto: Rectitudine Sto - I stand upright/be upright. Not terribly epic, as mottos go, but it fits what we know of the family incredibly well. J How they got mixed up with the Hessians – and then later with my mom’s side of the family (who are as different from the Enders as can be; they even fought on opposite sides of the Civil War), I don’t think they have yet entirely figured out. J

My maiden name is Danish and a mouthful, hardly anyone knew how to pronounce it without help. My married name is still long, but much easier to pronounce. It must be nice to have a short and easy to pronounce last name.

It does make life simple! J

This is your first book to be published, correct? I know you have written others that remain unpublished. How did you come about to choosing this book to be your debut work?

It is one of the first books I wrote (though I did rewrite much of it), and was actually one I did not intend to publish at all. Showing it to one person led to showing it to another, though, and finally enough people asked for their own copies that I decided I should publish it. I do have several other stories (novella and novel length, none of them allegories) almost done, but they are currently in the editing or rewriting stages.

What are your near future plans? Do you plan on publishing more books?

I am starting medical school in a week, so, if all goes well, my next four years will be quite laid out for me. I’ve been writing stories since I could write at all, though, so I think writing will be my sanity break all through. J Once I’m done with school…well, I’ve read countless books by doctors (Sherlock Holmes was written by a doctor! Based off one of his professors!) and I adore writing, so yes, I do hope to publish some of my longer books at some point in the future. J

Could you tell us about the premise of your book?

Ransomed is a medieval-ish allegory of salvation. It begins with a girl given a choice of whom to trust…and what follows her decision.

Where can we purchase it?

It is available on Amazon (on sale for $6.75 right now!), from Createspace, or directly from me. Also check on my blog for information about giveaways – I am hoping to have several in the coming months!  

I hope to have you back sometime soon.

Thank you so much for having me, Rachel! J

You are very welcome, Elizabeth. It has been  pleasure visiting with you.

Elizabeth Ender is a homeschool graduate, private pilot, author, and current medical school student. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness is her life verse, and through her writing she hopes to glorify Him. All net profit from the sale of Ransomed will be donated to Chrystal Peaks Youth Ranch, a Christian ministry that uses rescue horses to help hurting children/families. Visit to learn more.


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