Saturday, August 24, 2013

#SweetSat - Duty

Since my writing has been progressing at a snail's pace, I am sharing a bit of Duty this morning.

Brielle thinks she has just witnessed the death of her new husband at the hand of her cousin.


Despite the roar of battle, the rush of blood through my head, and the unreal touch of shock chilling my limbs, a small thought nagged at me. He isn’t dead. I refused to believe what my eyes had seen, what my dreams forewarned, and what my heart feared to be true. Despite the overwhelming evidence against the possibility, I clutched at the frail hope. Please Kurios, let it be true.

I tightened my grip on my horse’s reins and kicked the poor beast’s flank. He lunged forward, half wild. I clung to his back and fixated on reaching Tomas. Nothing else mattered. Whether I would arrive to discover him alive, dead, or dying, I belonged at his side.

The wind howled in my ears, but I could hear someone calling my name. The steady rhythm of another rider kept pace. I dared not glance back. I urged my horse even faster.

Over the horse’s pumping head, I could see the group of men. Orwin now stood over Tomas. He said something to the man I assumed was Baron Areyuthian. The Baron didn’t respond. His gaze fixed on the battle.

I thundered straight in among them. The hurtling body of my mount drove Orwin scrambling for safety.

Not waiting for the horse to stop, I dropped to the ground a few feet from Tomas’ body. As I fell, I smacked the horse’s flank to irritate it more. The gelding pounded the ground and reared, scattering soldiers before his flailing hooves. In the chaos, I ran to Tomas’ side and slid to my knees in the dirt.

“Tomas.” The sound of his name tore at my raw throat. A sob threatened to break free, but I held it back.

His helmet covered his face. I fumbled for the strap, encountering warm skin. The heat strengthened my hope. My fingers couldn’t move fast enough. An eternity passed before the leather band finally fell free. I eased the helmet off his head.

Dark hair fell free. His head lolled to the side, face toward me. He breathed. The slight stir of air moved past his lips.

He lived.

I found his left hand, pulled off the glove and sought a heartbeat in his wrist. A steady throb pulsed against my fingers. A sob of relief burst forth from my chest. I blinked back tears. No, I couldn’t cry yet.

He bled, a pool of red collecting under his left shoulder. Before I could investigate further, my gaze fell on the mark darkening the left half of his face. Someone had kicked his head after he fell. Rage at my cousin brought my head up just in time to see Anise ride up. 


What do you think Anise (Tomas' mother) is going to do?

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Patricia Kiyono said...

Love this scene! Very intense. And I hope Anise has a harsh punishment for the cousin.

Ysa Rivas said...

Oh wow! ;o ) I've already finished this.... so I won't guess.... lol BUT THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE SCENES IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS!!!! :o D

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Patricia. The cousin will get what is coming to him. :)

Yes, Ysa, this is one of my favorite scenes too. :)

Shanna Hatfield said...

Love this scene - and the book! :)

Jack said...

That only made me want the book even more. I might have to buy this one before Wren now to find out what happens next.