Saturday, August 3, 2013

#SweetSat - Honor (WIP)

So, I am back from vacation and still swamped. Yup, still trying to recover from that vacation break. My new cold might have something to do with it. ;)

Today's Sweet Saturday Sample is from my current work in process (WIP). So, please ignore any typos or such since it is just a rough draft.

Elsa, my heroine, is talking about her current situation with her brother-in-law, Aiden (Lord Rathenridge from Duty). Her mother is pushing her to marry Sir Landry (a twice widowed man in his fifties). Her brother, Barack, wishes her to marry Naron because Naron will pay off Barack's massive debts.


(Elsa)“When will I be allowed to make my own decisions? How far must I obey? When will my mother’s desires no longer control my life? I do not want to marry without a relationship. I want a home and children of my own, but not if my marriage is to be a lonely one without companionship and respect.”
I gasped for a breath, capturing it with a hiccup.

(Aiden) “Landry never struck me as a cruel man. His previous wives all spoke well of him.”

I shook my head. “Should I marry him, we would forever be unequal, a father or uncle and the child bride he married for companionship in his winter years. He might make a kind and gentle husband, but not a partner.”

“And Naron?”

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. Finally stifling the slightly hysterical sound with a cough, I steadied myself.

Aiden studied my face in confusion. “He didn’t strike me as such a horrible choice. He is young, reasonable–”

“It would be a purchase, not a wedding. He wants my connections and respectability I would bring to his sisters. Besides, I refuse on principle. If Barack gets his way, he will be all the more eager to act without regard for other’s feelings again.”

“But he will not be able to use you thus again.”

“Don’t lie to me, Aiden.”

Aiden recoiled as though I had cursed at him.

“I and Barack’s debt will be forever linked. My new in-laws will always see it when they look my way, consider their wedding matches, and plot their continued social ambitions. Then will come the begging and wheedling from Barack, intensified. I will have access to money. I shall become the one standing between him and unlimited funds for all of his schemes. I have seen his treatment of my father, cajoling and ranting in turn. No. I refuse to accept that role.”

Aiden’s features had grown more severe as I spoke. Finally I could not behold his censure a moment longer. I looked away, ashamed of the emotions raging through me. A teardrop fell on the back of my hand. I focused on the tiny droplet, round and perfect on soft leather my glove.

“You must think me a horrible daughter and sister.”


What do you think Aiden is going to say?

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Elaine Cantrell said...

I think he'll be mad at them not her.

Marsha Ward said...

Rachel, you always deliver the goods. Great scene!