Monday, July 14, 2014

The Annual Table at the Taste of Enfield

I was at the Taste of Enfield this weekend. An annual town celebration in July, it is a festival of vendors, fireworks, face painting, music, and more.

Sunday was warm and humid, but the storm clouds remained at bay. We had plenty of breezy gusts which kept us hopping picking up signs and reassembling book displays. However, on the whole it was a pleasant experience meeting new readers and spending time with friends that I rarely see.

I am sorry I didn't spread the word sooner this year. Next year, however, I will try to spread the word, just in case some of you are in CT. :)

- Rachel Rossano


Linda Boulanger said...

I'm sure it was a wonderful experience, wind and all. It's fun to just get out there sometimes.

Rachel Rossano said...

It was fun. :)

Jack said...

It sounds like it was a nice time. We all need those, especially in summer