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A Different Kind of Courage Release Tour - Dr. Joseph Warren and the Forgotten Manuscript

In honor of the release of Sarah Holman's book, A Different Kind of Courage, I invited her over to talk to us about one of the most important characters in her new book. Dr. Warren isn't the hero of the novel, but he is the inspiration and can claim something the hero cannot, he truly lived beyond the page.

Dr. Joseph Warren and the Forgotten Manuscript

Before the Declaration of Independence was even thought of, and many long months before 1776, another document was ratified by the Continental Congress. This document also listed many of the issues the colonies had against the king. This document declared that there were rights granted to every man by nature as well as many other familiar themes. The name of the document? The Suffolk Resolves.

The author of this document, which was radical in its time, was a very humble man. Although there was no document like it until the crafting of the Declaration of Independence, the author of the Suffolk Resolves was very quiet about his involvement.  Perhaps it isn’t very surprising, considering that the man who wrote it was Dr. Joseph Warren.

Anyone who studies the early Revolution beginnings in Boston might have heard Dr. Warren’s name, but other names seem to stand out more. People like John Adams, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, and such. Yet, if you do you research, you will find that Warren was at the heart of many of the events that we all know.

Who sent Paul Revere out on his midnight ride? Dr. Joseph Warren. Who is believed to be one of the masterminds behind the Boston Tea Party? Dr. Joseph Warren. Who gave speeches every year on the anniversary of the Boston Massacre, thereby keeping the memory alive? Dr. Joseph Warren. Who served on every major committee that fueled the early American Revolution? You guessed it, Dr. Warren.

If he was so important, why is he forgotten? Perhaps one of his last acts gives us great insight into the reason. At the Battle of Bunker Hill, Warren was given the title of general, but he refused the position and instead fought as a common soldier. Dr. Joseph Warren, even though his work was foundational to the American Revolution, was humble.

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