Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Review - Tiger's Paw by Kimberly Rogers

I met Kimberly Rogers a while back when a mutual friend recommended I submit my books to her for review. Kimberly runs a great blog about Christian fantasy where she offers thoughtful reviews.

We got to talking via Facebook and discovered we have a lot of similar tastes in fantasy, characters, and writing. As we encouraged each other, she told me about her current WIP about shape shifters. One thing led to another and I eventually ended up designing her cover for her and beta reading her novella. All that said, I am extremely excited that her debut book is out today. If you are a fan of fantasy fiction, I recommend you give it a chance.

What if history didn’t quite play out the way we know it? What would stay the same? What would change? Even in a world where Elves and Humans coexist, there are secrets. Not all the old legends are accurate, but neither are they false. Hidden among the Humans are the Therians, those gifted with the ability to shift into beasts. How long they will remain unseen by Human eyes depends on how well they adhere to their code of life and honor – The Therian Way.

When secrecy is vital to survive among Humans and Elves, the Therian Way offers balance. The Fringe, a militant group of discontented Therians, threaten to expose their race to Mankind. It falls to General Baran to track down and remove the Fringe Nest before time runs out. Who can he trust when the fate of his people lies in the Tiger’s paw?

This Novella Prequel is a Clean New Adult Christian Urban Fantasy.

My Review

Tiger’s Paw is a Christian urban fantasy novella set in a world similar to our own, except it is also populated by shape shifters and elves. Crafting a complex and realistic blending of reality and fantasy, Rogers builds a world that offers plenty of opportunity for more storytelling, exactly what I hope for in an introductory book.

The humans live semi-peacefully with the elves, but are uneasy neighbors with the shape shifters. This uneasiness forces the shifters into a life requiring they hide their true nature. The shifters adhere to a code, the Therian Way, that calls them to live peacefully with their weaker cohabitants, but some are choosing to ignore this code. The rebels are tired of living in secret and are plotting to dominate the other two peoples.

I really enjoyed Rogers’ main characters, Baran and Raina. Baran, a man/tiger shifter, has bit of a grumpy personality, which plays well against Raina’s teasing, taunting banter. I love the interplay between the two, especially Raina’s insistence on calling him TDS (Tall, Dark, and Serious) and likening him to another famous tiger. I liked how Rogers used the characters’ personalities to enhance the plot and the suspense as the story moved forward.

Action, adventure, intrigue and a hint of romance are woven into this exciting opening to a new series. I look forward to reading more stories by Rogers, especially the coming series where she explores this world and the tensions between its inhabitants. 

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