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How Writing PULSE Changed My Life - by L. R. Burkard

How Writing PULSE Changed My Life

I grew up in New York, in view of Manhattan.  The farthest thing from my mind was having to store supplies for future need. The nearest deli and grocery were only around the corner and across the street.  When we moved to a more rural environment, I learned to avoid unnecessary shopping trips by keeping better stores in the house. However, even that was nothing next to what happened after I wrote my book, PULSE. As I researched the book, I discovered some very disturbing facts.

PULSE shows the aftermath of a solar flare which has caused an electromagnetic pulse, which in turn takes down the electric grid for the continental United States.  The book focuses on three families for whom life is changed, virtually instantly. Reduced to existence without the help of anything electric or electronic—no heating systems, no air conditioning, no telephones, (not even cell phones) no TV, radio or internet. Even most transportation would be immediately disrupted. (Your fancy new expensive car probably won't run after am EMP, either.)

Imagine it.

I did!  And thus, my series was born.
But while PULSE is a work of fiction, the threat of an EMP, unfortunately, is not.   

A sufficiently powerful electromagnetic pulse, or EMP, can render the United States virtually without electricity or electronics—almost instantly.  A  Congressional Report detailing the likely results of such an EMP is online for you to read for yourself.  The picture isn't pretty. It could take YEARS to restore power. They estimate that within one year, more than 70 million people in this country would die.

Needless to say, being aware of how quickly "life as we know it" could be shattered, the question arose for me, "What can be done?"   (Despite the dire consequences outlined in the Congressional Report, an amendment to "harden" the US infrastructure failed to pass. Nothing was done!) Which leaves us on our own to prepare individually and as families.  What about you? A catastrophic EMP caused by the sun may not happen in our lifetime. However, a recent headline in the news stated that N. Korea now has satellites over our country which could cause an EMP with the same, catastrophic effects. In PULSE, the characters consider whether the pulse is divine judgment for America. Could it be coming? 

Instead of ignoring such threats, or worrying about them, I suggest getting prepared!  First, we prepare by getting right with God. Then, we take stewardship seriously and prepare our households for difficult times. It's really perfectly natural to want to set things by for a rainy day. We've been lulled into thinking there is no need to do this in today's world, but that's precisely my point: This world could change, quickly and decisively, with disastrous effects.
 Ask yourself, how long could you and your family eat three meals a day if stores were closed—indefinitely? If you had no transportation? If you couldn't get online and order anything?   In my book, only one family was ready when the world changed.

Disturbing things happened for those who weren't. RESILIENCE, which debuts on today, continues the story of the three girls and their families as they struggle to survive in a world gone dark, where teens shoulder rifles instead of school books, and where survival might mean becoming your own worst enemy.

How ready are you? What have you done to prepare your family for a grid-down world—just in case?

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For a free PDF I've made about how to get started preparing for an emergency, click here

Linore Rose Burkard is best known for historical romance novels with Harvest House Publishers, and now writes YA/Suspense as L.R.Burkard. Linore teaches workshops for writers with Greater Harvest Workshops in Ohio, is a mother of five, and still homeschools her youngest daughter—preferably with coffee in one hand and an iPad in the other.  Be the first to kn

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