Friday, April 1, 2016

Writing/Editing/Publishing Update

A quarter of the year is gone! Yikes! It is going by too quickly for me. At the same time, I am thankful for the warmer weather, longer periods of sunshine, and the ability to run out the door without a coat most days.

Despite multiple health issues the past few months, the Lord has been very gracious and loving to me. I can announce many finished goals and progress toward others, which is always an exciting moment. Yay!

So, onto the good news!

The Making of a Man: A Short Story Anthology officially has a release date! April 26th! Lord Dentin's anthology has a cover, a book trailer, and the ebook copies have been uploaded and the pre-orders set up and waiting for readers to buy ahead of time. Only the print formatting remains, and I hope that by the posting of this post, that will be well in hand and proofs ordered. (I can be optimistic right?)

Living Sacrifice Book 3 is officially complete. I wrote the last sentences of the epilogue in the end of March and the whole series is now officially in the editing phase. I will be looking for beta readers very soon. Before you sign up, be warned that this is a three book commitment. Also, it isn't my usual fare. As Inspirational Epic Fantasy, it offers a bit more of a grand scale when it comes to length, contents, and depth.

The hubby has finished reading The Reward of Anavrea! He hasn't given me his notes yet, and we haven't discussed anything yet. He wants The Making of a Man to get released first. Still, he has finished it, which is a major step toward publishing for the next novel in The Theodoric Saga.

Now for the last bit of news...the next Rhynan novel's progress. I am writing! Yes, I know that doesn't sound that ground breaking, but it actually is. This this novel has been one of the hardest to get going in my whole writing experience. Hopefully that bodes well for the quality of what I am writing now. We shall see. I am four chapters in and moving at a decent clip now. Hopefully that pace will continue.

So that is all for today's update. Did I miss anything? Do you have any questions about any of my projects? If so, feel free to comment below and I will try to answer all of your questions. :)

Until next time...



Emily Ann Putzke said...

Awesome!! Great job on tackling your goals! That trailer intrigues me ... I haven't read the first two books yet so I'll have to get them soon!

Rachel Rossano said...

Thank you, Emily! I am excited to see how my readers like it. The anthology is a bit of an experiment and a response to fans who wanted to know more about the character.