Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Meeting the Characters of Duty and Honor at Indie eCon

 Guess who I bumped into over at Indie e-Con? Here is how it happened...

I ran across the convention center's main lobby. I was late, a perpetual state I had been fighting to overcome all day. 

Dodging an overenthusiastic lad in a Robin Hood costume who appeared to be wrestling to get the upper hand over his bow and arrow, I just missed being hit by his elbow as he swung around. I scooted between to buxom ladies dressed like Princess Leia. Apparently they had misunderstood the Indie eCon theme. Star Wars definitely didn't qualify as indie. On the other hand, going against the norm was definitely a trait of a good indie author. I was debating whether to attempt the crowded stairs before me or the obstacle course between me and the elevators. Either way I needed to be on the second floor and pronto.

As I debated, a small disturbance behind me made me turn around.

"I told you it was her. Look she even has a name tag." A young woman about my age approached. Dressed as a medieval noblewoman in greens and golds that set off her wildly curling red hair to advantage, she approached me with a smile.

"I imagined her taller." The tall warrior with dark hair and piercing brown eyes behind her assessed me sternly. To be honest, he was only a bit over average, but for a short woman like myself, that was tall. 

“It is definitely her,” the lady declared as she leaned down to read my name tag.

“Who are you?” I asked. I had never been recognized at a convention before and definitely not by costumed guests.

“Hey Tomas!” The tall warrior bellowed and motioned for someone I couldn’t see to join us. An even taller man, also dark of hair approached with a petite brunette more my size on his arm.

“Elsa wanted to check out the book signing tables,” the newcomer explained to the glaring shorter man. “Something about a gift for Constance for watching the children.”

“That sounds like a great idea,” the red head replied.

“Who are you?” I demanded again. I was extremely late now, but I couldn’t help delaying more now. This group looked very familiar and I had a sneaking suspicion I knew them from somewhere.

“Don’t you recognize your own characters?”

The glaring man claimed the petite lady’s arm possessively. Only then did it click. They were Dentin and Elsa.

“About time it sunk in.” The redhead that had to be Brielle laughed.

Tomas stood silently next to her with his arms crossed as though all of this wasn’t his idea, but his almost black gaze followed her every move. It all made sense now.

“Where are Constance and Willard?” It wasn’t the best response, but it was all I had at the moment.

“Watching the children for us,” Elsa explained. “I know we are keeping you, but we just wanted to say hi before we headed back.”

“Can we grab lunch?” I had completely given up on catching my class by then.

“That is a wonderful idea,” Brielle said.

“Where is the best place to get meat pies around here?” Dentin asked.

Elsa poked him in the ribs. “They don’t do meat pies here. Only fruit.”

Dentin didn’t respond, except to wink at me before following the chattering women as they led the way toward the food. Tomas silently offered me his arm and we set off to enjoy the best lunch I ever had.

Who would you like to meet next?


Kendra E. Ardnek said...

Oh, I love it!

Character Encounters are such fun, aren't they? I intend to get back into the habit of posting them next month.

Rachel Rossano said...

It was a lot of fun. :)

Sarah said...

This is awesome. :D Also, I would like to point out that we DO still have meat pies. Chicken is meat, and a good chicken pot pie is one of life's great joys.

Rachel Rossano said...

Good point, Sarah, about the meat pies. My kids love chicken pot pie. I will have to make sure Dentin gets one next time he visits. He has this great weakness for meat pies, which isn't something a nobleman usually eats a lot of regularly. :)