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Blog Tour - Waiting for Isaac by Jessica Greyson

Single, lonely, what do we do with these labels and emotions? In seven short soul-searching essays, this book looks at singleness through the eyes of a single woman who is learning the meaning, purpose, and satisfaction in her status of single. As she is learning to find and hold onto true joy in the face of loneliness, and trusting God through it all.

About the Author

Jessica Greyson, is a homeschool graduate who loves words, first as a hungry reader, and now as a passionate writer. She seeks to write for the glory of God, and be the writer He has called her to be. You can learn more about her and her books at


As the years pass, we begin to wonder if it is an illusion, if somewhere along the way we lost the path, if the one who was supposed to be ours took a path we missed, met Miss Prettier-And-More-Charming-Than-We-Could-Ever-Be and now has three children, a cat, two dogs, and the bank account of a Wall Street genius while we are still waiting, busy with the Master’s business, feeling as if all we do is knit, cook, and wait…and wait…and wait. Then our imagination jumps to another scenario; perhaps he’s riding an ancient, blind albino tortoise, won’t ask for directions, and is fast stuck in a river of molasses, with shores of peanut butter—so who knows if he will make it out alive, much less come to us.

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