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  • Rachel Rossano

Ink Blotted Bekah - a new artist

I know how hard it is to get one's start in a new venture, and so I offered to help this young woman get her newest artistic venture off the ground. Please welcome, Bekah.

Hello, Bekah, What kind of art are you interesting in exploring?

Well, I’m mostly sticking to character portraits for my business, but I’d love to dabble in water colour more.

What is the scope of your experience to date?

I’ve had many years drawing fan art--but I didn’t start really growing until 4 or 5 years ago when I joined the Goldstone Wood fandom and was suddenly surrounded by fantastic illustrators and artists. I’ve had maybe two art classes throughout high school and university--everything else I’ve absorbed through “self-teaching”: following artists on tumblr, mimicking their styles until I found my own, absorbing tutorials I stumble across.

What kind of clients are you interested in finding?

Fellow writers/artists. Anyone who’s open/wants to see their characters drawn. :)

In what areas are you trying to grow as an artist?

All of them! Ha ha! Seriously, I don’t think I’ll ever stop growing. But I’d like to get better at consistently drawing a character a certain way; proportions, drawing men better, backgrounds… I could make a long list!

What inspires you?

Books I read, the stories I write. My writing friends and their characters.

A Bit More About Bekah

Beka hails from the Great White North (aka Canada), where she reads, dreams, and doodles away. She loves bringing characters from the written page to the visual eye, and dabbles in pencil and coloured pencil and the occasional watercolor. Her dream is to one day get into digital art and save some trees.


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