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Plans for 2020

January 3, 2020


'Tis the season to make plans for the new year. Seeing as so much has changed in my family's life in 2019, I am praying a bit harder than usual for a positive and productive 2020. With these hopes in mind, I have come up with an expansive list of accomplishments I hope to achieve this year, Lord willing.


Plans for 2020


  • Mercy (Third Novel of Rhynan)

  • Living Sacrifice (The Talented 3)

  • Possibly a TBD

Beta Read/Edit

  • Grace by Contract (Once Upon a Duchy 1 - Beauty & the Beast)

  • Reclaiming Ryda (Once Upon a Duchy 2 - ESWM/Rapunzel)


  • Finish writing Reclaiming Ryda

  • Unnamed Fourth Novel of Rhynan

  • Once Upon a Duchy 3 - (possibly Month Brothers or an original)


  • The Servant of Anavrea (Theodoric Saga 4)

  • White Bear (stand alone contemporary novel)


  • All the remaining Once Upon a Duchy ideas

  • All the remaining Rhynan novels (fourth, fifth, and sixth)

  • Possible sequels to The Talented series (Selwyn, Zez and Hadrian's son)

  • Various short stories

Other Goals

  • Resurrect Newsletter

  • Post more consistently on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

  • Blog more


Too much? What are you most excited about?

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January 26, 2020

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