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  • Rachel Rossano and Kellyn Roth

Author Interview with Kellyn Roth

At Her Fingertips (Book #3)

Alice Knight is looking forward to her debut as it means she will be able to carry out her plan. She will have her first Season in London, she will meet her husband, and she will marry him. However, Alice struggles to make her feelings reconcile with her goals.

Alice is sure that, if she can only cling to her plans, she will manage without help from anyone — including God. A childhood friend returning unexpectedly, a charming gentleman who is not all he should be, and an American author with strange ideas about life all make her question the plan.

With the life she longs for at her fingertips, can Alice grasp it?

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Although it was all quite exciting, the people her mother introduced her to faded together in Alice’s mind, none of them standing out to her. She admired some, was disgusted by others, and had no opinion whatsoever about the remaining. However, none of these feelings lingered long enough for her to care.

She danced in almost every set and tried to talk with Cassie when she wasn’t in demand—but Cassie appeared to be the belle of the ball, an earl’s daughter with a sizable dowry and a sweet face. Alice could scarcely speak a word to her before they were interrupted by a young man full of flattering words to make Cassie blush until her freckles disappeared.

On toward midnight, Alice accepted an offer of refreshments made by a young man whom she honestly just wanted to leave her alone, as much of a fop as he was. She stood where he left her at the edge of the ballroom floor and watched him procure two glasses of punch and triumphantly start back toward her.

He was halfway to her when, out of a side door which led to the library, came Gibson Ashfield. She could see even from the distance that neither men were looking where they were going, and inevitably a glass of lemonade spilled down the front of Alice’s partner’s waistcoat and shirt.