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  • Rachel Rossano

Blog Tour - Iron Core by Rebekah DeVall

About a year ago, I got a message via my author page on Facebook and it was this lovely lady with a very important question. "Are you still looking for beta readers?" She was inquiring about Living Sacrifice, which you all now know at The Talented series, the first book of which was released earlier this year.

That innocent question and the many conversations that followed have blossomed into a wonderful friendship and an introduction to many more authors. You might say that she is the reason I really got moving on publishing The Talented.

Now I get to return the favor. Here is her latest release. I am picking up a copy myself and reading as soon as I get a chance.


Iron Core:

Everything will be okay. Deep in Brancaleone, a prison carved from the mountainside, eighteen-year-old Lunetta plans her escape. Raised behind iron bars, all she wants is freedom - and to take her mother with her.


Rebekah DeVall prides herself on being the girl who wrote 200,000 words in 21 days. She’s a Christian author with a penchant for killing characters and a love for writing real female protagonists described as “the example of a Christian hero that young readers need to see.”

Contact Rebekah:




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