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  • Rachel Rossano

Blog Tour - Swords of Time by Sarah Allerding

Time travel and history sounds like a fun combination and Sarah Allerding's newest novel combines both.

Braden has one goal: knighthood. Unfortunately, he lives on a horse farm in modern day America with his uncle, his younger brother, and an aunt who absolutely hates him. Against all odds, Braden and his brother, Jamie, stumble across a pair of special swords that sweep them back into medieval times. They land near a castle whose lord has a task for them. His older son is lost somewhere in time, and only someone who can control the Swords of Time can save him. With the goal of knighthood suddenly in sight, Braden's not sure he wants to leave, but he wishes to impress the lord. Can he protect his brother, find the lost heir, and fulfill his dreams, or will the lord's younger son ruin everything?

Now available on Amazon

I got a chance to ask Sarah Allerding some questions and here is what she said:

How did you get started writing?

The funny thing is, for a long time I did not like writing. I even said I didn't need to learn how to write because I would never get a job that required it. I started writing fiction for my homeschool writing and then decided I wanted to publish one of the books I wrote. After that, I wanted to keep going and write more and more books.

What drew you to write time-travel fiction?

It sort of just happened. I didn't really think about wanting to write time travel.

Is this the beginning of a series?

I am thinking of making this into a series. I am not sure yet, but I have ideas for a second book.

What is next for Sarah Allerding?

I have several books partly written. One is the second in the Rainland series. I hope to finish one this year.

I wish you all the best in your writing adventures, Sarah!

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