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  • Rachel Rossano

Series Status Updates and Projections

A lot can happen in a month. January 2021 hasn't even finished, and I am already revising my mental plans for the year. Have no fear. I am not going to give up on my goal to finish three novels this year. It just might take a bit longer than I projected.


Charity (Novels of Rhynan #4)

Still sitting at 20K out of 100K or 20%

Rumpled Rhett (Once Upon a Duchy #3)

Is moving along at a slow but steady pace.

As of today, it is at 34K our of a projected 105K. About 30%

In Editing

Reclaiming Ryda (Once Upon a Duchy #2)

Currently, I am working through edits before giving it over to the husband to read.

Then it will be publishing preparation time, cover design, marketing plan, the works.

I can't wait to get this into readers' hands.