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  • Rachel Rossano

Series Status Updates and Projections

A lot can happen in a month. January 2021 hasn't even finished, and I am already revising my mental plans for the year. Have no fear. I am not going to give up on my goal to finish three novels this year. It just might take a bit longer than I projected.


Charity (Novels of Rhynan #4)

Still sitting at 20K out of 100K or 20%

Rumpled Rhett (Once Upon a Duchy #3)

Is moving along at a slow but steady pace.

As of today, it is at 34K our of a projected 105K. About 30%

In Editing

Reclaiming Ryda (Once Upon a Duchy #2)

Currently, I am working through edits before giving it over to the husband to read.

Then it will be publishing preparation time, cover design, marketing plan, the works.

I can't wait to get this into readers' hands.

The Servant of Anavrea (The Theodoric Saga - Book Four)

I am planning on digging this one out and dusting it off. I dread how much rewriting it will require, but I need to get it polished and prepared for publishing. The Theodoric Saga needs its conclusion.

In the Works

Thanks to my impatient hero, Rhett, the original plan for the Once Upon a Duchy line up has changed. I am debating which book is going to come next. Whichever I settle on, it will probably be my third writing project for the year. Stay tuned as I pull all of my notes out next month and see which novel needs what to get to the writing stage. The current top contenders are:

Lark Song (The Month Brothers) Nettles for Elise (Wild Swans)


Discordant Harmony (12 Dancing Princesses)


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