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Six Frosted Roses Blog Tour: Gilded in Ice by Sarah Pennington

Bastian has two new missing person cases. One is cold. The other is his own sister.

Since his success solving the Midnight Show disappearances, Bastian Dennel is sitting pretty. And with the new high-profile cold case that just got dropped in his lap, he’s pretty sure things will stay that way for a while. But when he finds out his sister has gone missing without a trace, he’s determined to find her and bring whoever’s responsible to justice — even if his only lead is a stray cat with a knack for vanishing unexpectedly.

Kona Dennel’s plans have already been upended, so when the talking cat she’d befriended asked her for help breaking an enchantment, she didn’t see any reason not to say yes. She didn’t expect to be trapped in a frozen mansion or to be drawn into conflict with a mysterious lady of the fair folk. Even the cat is hiding more secrets than she realized. It’ll take a skilled detective to untangle this web . . . but since Bastian isn’t here, Kona will just have to do it herself.

Secrets abound, and the one creature who knows the truth isn’t talking. Can Bastian and Kona outwit a fae who’s been at this for centuries? Or will thawing out the long-frozen truth drop them in over their heads?

A magical mystery reimagining Snow White and Rose Red and East of the Sun, West of the Moon in the jazz-age world of The Midnight Show.

Introducing Bastian Dennel

“I’ve heard good things about you, Dennel. I’ve seen some of your work. You’re a good detective and a smart man.” Munashe spoke softly, but firmly. “My men are good too. And I think we both can agree we’ll get further and get your sister home faster if we work together on this one. You share whatever you learn, we share whatever we learn. We’ll include you in our investigations as we can. I heard you have a few new tricks up your sleeve—that you have some way to detect magic that our men can’t match.”

Bastian nodded slowly. “I have my methods, yes.” He’d tried not to let too many people know about the glasses. As long as he could keep the details secret, he’d have an edge in his investigations.

As a private eye, Bastian Dennel is used to living case to case, with long stretches of boring in between. Lately, though, life has had plenty of excitement. His recent success with the Midnight Show cases has left him sitting pretty and earned him some additional respect and acclaim from both normal people and the Innsjøby politiet. Even before his most recent adventure, though, those who worked with him knew him to be a keen investigator, with a knack for noticing the right thing at the right (and sometimes wrong) time and a genuine desire to help others by his work. He’s also aided in solving his cases by a fair amount of knowledge of magical beings — both those native to his country and those from the Old World across the sea — and by a few magical tricks given to him by the Fateweavers.

“Sorry, Maman. It wasn’t planned.” Even after more than ten years, it still surprised Bastian every time he had to look down to look his mother in the eye. It almost—almost—distracted him from the tiny sparks of ice-blue magic clinging like snowflakes to the twists of her braids. “Roselle asked me to find out what happened to Kona.”

Bastian has always been close to his family, even when his work keeps him too busy — or too at risk — to visit often. He’s spent much of his career sending whatever money he can spare their way to help pay off his father’s debts and make sure they’re taken care of, and he’s particularly proud that his recent successes allowed him to wipe out those debts once and for all and even pave the way for one of his younger sisters to attend college. He’s hopeful that this will put them out of trouble’s way for good . . . but then again, they are his family.

Character art of Bastian is by the lovely and talented Hannah Williams. Find more of her art on her website, Facebook, and Instagram!

About the Author

Sarah Pennington has been writing stories since before she actually knew how to write, and she has no intention of stopping anytime soon. She is perpetually in the middle of writing at least one or two novels, most of which are in the fantasy and fairy tale retelling genres. Sarah's first published work, Blood in the Snow, received a perfect score and Special Unicorn status in Rooglewood Press's Five Poisoned Apples contest. When she isn't writing, she enjoys knitting, photography, and trying to conquer her massive to-be-read list.

Find her online at: Author Site || Wordpress Blog || Blogspot Blog || Goodreads || Facebook || Amazon


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