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  • Rachel Rossano

The Problem Solving Begins

As many of you probably recall, I have a project that has been languishing in my small metaphorical stack of unfinished problem projects for a while. Don't worry. I never forgot about Hugo and Cecily (the next Once Upon a Duchy novel). I have been mindful of them and the issues I encountered with the plot when I worked on them last. The good news is that I am tackling those problems and potentially jump-starting the book over the next two weeks. My main goal this year, Lord willing, is to get this book published by December, if not earlier. My secondary goal is to figure out a way to produce Once Upon a Duchy books more quickly going forward. Lots of major brainstorming is happening over here. Stay tuned for more updates this week. Hopefully, I will have something fun to share in a few days like snippets and/or quotes.


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