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  • Rachel Rossano

Writing Update - September

Hello! Long time no chat. Sorry about that.

I have been busily writing behind the scenes. Cecily's Quest is moving more slowly than I would like, but I am making progress. I am a bit over the 1/3 mark. Most of the delay has been because my summer didn't go as planned. Now I am into the school season, which as a homeschooler means more on my plate. However, I am writing every spare moment I can find.

As the story progresses, words tend to appear on the page faster. Hopefully, that means I can speed through the rest of the book faster. 😊

In other news, I am finally releasing a project I finished last year for a multi-author series. Cianna's Fortune will be coming out on October 11th. It is a standalone novella in The Caragh Chronicles series. The first two books were written by Rachel Skatvold and Rachel A. James. Each is enjoyable alone and together. My installment is inspired by Cinderella and features a romance developed through letters, which was a fun medium to explore. I enjoyed writing it very much, and I hope you all enjoy reading it. Cianna's Fortune is available for preorder here.

Although I haven't been able to grab as much writing time as I had hoped for in the past few months, I have been busily plotting and planning. The result will be some changes to my original Once Upon a Duchy plans. Don't worry. That doesn't mean fewer fairytale-inspired adventures in the land of the duchies. On the contrary, I hope the result will be even more literary works for you to enjoy.

Exciting times ahead! Until next time, happy reading!


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