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  • Rachel Rossano

Writer Life: Despite the Best of Plans

Writing Update

Despite my best efforts (setting aside time and making sure I am not interrupted for part of that) I am been making very little progress on my current WIP. The sum word count for this week (since last Wednesday) is only 3,381 words (Saturday 1,896 , Tuesday 1,485), but I am not giving up at all. This week should be epic, if I can manage to keep on track. School ends for the kids and I will (hopefully) get more uninterrupted writing time. So, stay tuned.

WIP current work count: 77,736 words

Goal: 90K to 100K

Other Associated Activities

Instead of writing, I have been preparing for Indie-Con which is beginning this Saturday with a big author party on FB and a scavenger hunt (posts don't go live until Saturday morning) with a nice attractive prize attached. If you are interested, be sure to check it out.