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Blog Tour: Letters from the Dragon's Son by Tammy Lash

From my good friend, author Tammy Lash, the anticipated sequel to White Wolf and the Ash Princess. Letters from the Dragon’s Son is here!

Letters is an emotionally driven story of love, loss, and forgiveness. Jonathan’s journey to his father is raw, heartbreaking, and honest. Avery’s transformation from dragon to father is beautiful and inspiring. Letters is the loyalty of family, of blood or friendship, and the One who ordained it all. Letters from the Dragon’s Son is a compelling read that offers hope and healing to the wounded soul.

A father…

A son…

and the dragon they became.

One head: Malevolent, attired in barbs and spines, took pleasure in decimating the forested village.

Avery, formerly White Boar, wanders the forests seeking forgiveness from the people he sold into slavery, but is repentance payment enough?

Righteous, with two horns on each side, tried to calm the evil one’s violent ambition.

More servant than son, Jonathan Gudwyne, had been powerless to stop his father from taking the Men of the Forest into captivity. As a man, White Wolf reverses the damage he and his father caused by returning the Natives home. Jonathan gains honor and worship, but what does he do with the remains of his past? Justice has yet to be served to the dragon. Should Jonathan be the one who administers the sentence to his wandering father? To himself?

The two heads formed Brinsop, whose iron talons wrought chaos….

Can a man change? Can a broken family be made whole again? If one head is destroyed can the other survive?

Doing it Alone

“Alone” was one of my favorite shows to watch with my family when we lived downstate. If you haven’t seen it, ten participants would document their time in the woods completely alone with only a camera for company. They were required to build shelters and find their food using only ten survival items from a list of forty. The longest a contestant to “survive” was Zachery Fowler from Maine. He made it an entertaining eighty-seven days. Zachery made all kinds of interesting traps and tools to pass the time. Desmond White made “Alone” history by surviving a swift seven hours making his time the shortest in show history. I remember feeling bad for him as he sat on a rock as close to the water as he could get. He was afraid to give the forest his back. Bears, or the mere thought of them, was the reason he made the call the crew to come and get him out before nightfall.

I saw the first “Alone” trailer back in 2015 and I thought what a blast it would be to be alone in the woods. Trees, quiet, no people…wow, sounds like more of a vacation than a competition. (Do you see me in Izzy from White Wolf and the Ash Princess? A writer’s characters always have a bit of their creator inside. Anyway…) I’m certain every seasoned survivalist and outdoorsman who signed up thought the same as I did. Regardless of what they thought before spending their first night alone, there was one common denominator that winner, loser, and program viewer all discovered together at some point during the show.

It isn’t all that great to be alone.

On the show, at some point, each contestant would inevitably experience tears. They missed their spouses, parents, or sons and daughters. The show became much more than physical survival.

The mental game seemed to be a harder one to play.

We humans aren’t meant to be alone. God said so in Genesis 2:18. He saw it wasn’t good for Adam to be alone, so he created a helper for him. He created Eve. She became a load-bearer to help Adam physically and emotionally. I know for myself I have been blessed with many load-bearers, yet I have tried many, many times to do things on my own. I wonder how many times I’ve replied, “Fine. I’m doing fine. Everything is fine,” to someone’s polite asking of how I’m doing. I know it has been too many.

Jonathan in Letters from the Dragon’s Son is in a battle for much of the story. He refuses to let his family in on the internal emotional war he’s fighting with his father. His intimate cast of loved ones, however, persistently chip through his armor through their faithful support and unconditional love. Because of this, Jonathan learns to share the most vulnerable part of himself. He accepts the Lord’s forgiveness of his past when he trusts his family to become his load-bearers.

Reader, we aren’t built to be alone. To survive our time here and to thrive and be the warriors that we must be, we need each other. If you are carrying burdens, confide in someone that you love and trust. You’ve been given all the survival gear you need to make it to the end.

No longer walk alone.

About the Author

Tammy lives in Michigan's Upper Peninsula near the shores of Lake Superior with her husband and three teen/adult children. Currently, they are working together on their “new” home just outside the Hiawatha National Forest she writes about in her stories.

Tammy enjoys hiking, kayaking, beach wandering,”hunting” for birch bark, and spotting migizis.

She is the author of White Wolf and the Ash Princess, Letters from the Dragon's Son, and the short story Eagle Eyes from the Descendants of White Wolf series.

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