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  • Rachel Rossano

Rumpled Rhett is coming on August 31st!

The next Once Upon a Duchy novel is now available for preorder on Amazon and other retailers! Rumpled Rhett is loosely inspired by Rumpelstiltskin and the huntsman who repeatedly appears in fairytales. The parts of the story are inspired by "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes and some scenes in Between Floors in W. R. Gingell's The City Between series.

From the first chapter, Rhett grabbed the ideas and insisted the story be told his way. It was great fun to write a very confident main character with a complicated past and an intriguing future that will affect the rest of the series.

Rhett is a Huntsman, skilled, secretive, and mysterious. A wanted man, he spends his life on the move. His sole retreat is the outskirts of an isolated village in the northern reaches of the duchies. Then one fall, he arrives to find his hovel burned to the ground and the village reeve offering a new arrangement.

Catherine knows her father, the village miller, only cares about what she can bring him. The latest scheme of marrying her to the Huntsman is not the miller’s first attempt to sell her. Cat’s dread wanes when she meets the Huntsman. There is something honorable about him, and he treats her with respect, unlike her father or brother. Perhaps she can escape her father’s influence forever.

Despite his suspicions, Rhett agrees to the deal and frees Cat from her father’s tyranny, at least for a time. But can he protect her when enemies from his past catch up to him?

Inspired by Rumpelstiltskin.


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