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Six Frosted Roses Blog Tour: Runaway Lyrics by C. O. Bonham

What one sister has, she must share with the other . . . Snow loves music. She has spent her entire life learning, new instruments and memorizing new pieces, only to while away her life in a country manor with only her mother and twin sister as company. If only she could get out on her own and play in front of a real audience. Rose loves magic. The things she can do with music would amaze her twin sister, but whenever she shows her, Snow quickly forgets as if the event had never happened. If only Rose could get out on her own and work some real magic. When an airship crashes near their home Snow’s magical abilities awaken. Together the sisters must learn to use their magic, rescue a pair of cursed princes, and discover their own secrets. Discover the magic of music in this retelling of Snow White and Rose Red.

Introducing Prince Bayare

By C.O. Bonham

Prince Bayare is the crown prince of Stirling. His nation has spent the last few years in relative peace with its neighboring nation of Rendland. As a result, Bayare is more of a diplomat than a warrior. He would much rather solve disputes with treaties than battles.

His closest friend is his half brother Wickham. He was very close to his late father, King Alwyn. His mother died before his first birthday, so he has no memory of her. Queen Kendra is the only mother he knows.

About a year before the book begins, Bayare catches the ambassador from Rendland mistreating a young woman. Bayare learns she is actually the ambassador’s slave and is told to stay out of international matters. He doesn’t listen and instead helps her to escape from the cruel man.

This event opens his eyes to too many injustices in his own nation that he had been turning a blind eye to.

At the start of Runaway Lyrics, Bayare is not only preparing for his coronation, he is laying the groundwork for many social reforms that he plans to implement.

Bayare is used to leading, delegating, listening to advisors, and finding solutions. He is not used to fighting, running, trying to decide who to trust, and fearing for his life.

At the start of the book, Bayare and his younger brother are drugged and kidnapped. He is betrayed by those closest to him and turned into a bear. He doesn’t know who to trust.

Then he meets a beautiful young woman named Snow with unique gifts. She makes protecting Bayare her priority. Oddly enough, for all her strength, she seems fragile, and being near her brings out Bayare’s own protectiveness.

Can this bear who would be king, set aside his own leadership role to follow a young woman suffering from serious self doubt?

About the Author

C.O. Bonham is the pen name for a commonly misspelled first name. She loves stories of all kinds, but really likes the ones that are weird, and outside the norm. A certified book geek, when she isn’t writing stories of her own, she is busy reading stories by others. A homeschool graduate with a degree in creative writing, her goal is to create stories that make people think, feel, and have fun.

Visit to read author interviews, book reviews, and to hear about what she’s working on next.

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Cathrine Bonham
Cathrine Bonham
Sep 21, 2021

Thank you for Sharing about Bayare and Runaway Lyrics today.

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