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  • Rachel Rossano

Cover Reveal: Once Upon a Duchy #2 - Reclaiming Ryda

Coming soon!

(hopefully April 2021)

Rydaria lives as a prisoner in a tower library. Captured as a child, her past is a mystery. Maintaining the literary treasures within her care, she studies the world through books that give her a glimpse of the freedom she craves.

A scribe by trade, Crispin has devoted the last three years of his life seeking the heir of Avalene, the lost eighth duchy. He travels to Worthenave’s famed library in hopes of finding the key. Instead, he discovers a new mystery, a beautiful librarian who never leaves the library and is locked in with her books every night.

As the days pass, Crispin must choose. Rydaria’s precarious situation is deteriorating. While his duty demands he leave before the Duke uncovers his quest. Still, the scribe can’t bring himself to abandon the captive in the library tower, even if it costs him his mission.

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