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  • Rachel Rossano

The Summer Struggle Begins

I homeschool my children. Well, actually my husband and I homeschool them, but I tend to be the one in the trenches with them day in and day out as the school year passes. I also tend to be the main caretaker of the trio when the schooling is done. Hubby helps a ton with the shuttling of the boys to scouts and he is wonderful for a pep talk, a problem solving meeting mid-day or when we need it. He works hard to support us all. In general, the scheme works for us.

BUT, as most of you know, I am also a writer and cover designer. The constant struggle to find time to run these two separate businesses is ongoing and fierce. Usually they end up fitting in my so called "free-time" and are prioritized below parenting, homeschooling, household chores, and the battle to keep the ever-regenerating monster of dirty laundry at bay.