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  • Rachel Rossano

A Heroine's Journey

Zezilia Ilar, the heroine of The Talented trilogy, has journeyed through three novels with me over a span of fourteen years. From the moment she first stepped into my head as a naïve fifteen-year-old young woman, I have poured a great deal of thought and energy into writing her story, even when I wasn’t actively writing it. Her trials of wrestling through everyone’s expectations of her were close to my heart when we were both young. Not a surprising choice of conflict considering the difficult transition from child to adult was part of my not-so-recent past back in 2006.

Many may not know this, but I wrote the first two novels between 2006 and 2009, finishing before my son turned three. Part of the reason those first two books took so long was because I discovered I couldn’t write while I was pregnant or in the sleep-deprived months that followed. However, I finished the project, which many of you would recognize as Seventh Born and The Defender.