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  • Rachel Rossano

A Holiday Update and 2021 Plans

This holiday break has not gone as planned. Not that any of them have ever gone as planned. Still, the pause to celebrate our Savior's birth and bid the old year goodbye and the new one hello, brought a nice change of pace.

I am not sure how other families spend their break, but the Rossano household tends to celebrate the changing of the year with cleaning, purging, and organizing. My husband threw himself into the project with more vigor this year and commandeered a good amount of my time and energy to assist him. I freely admit that I am pleased with the results, a cleaner and more organized basement, office, and family room. I didn't get all of my planned plotting and writing done, but we are better situated for me to devote my time to them next week as we get back into the school, work, and everyday schedules.