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  • Rachel Rossano

Hadrian's Brothers

In a world where seventh born sons are highly valued, the families of Prantinus are obsessed with having many sons. Then, when one adds in the fact that both the main characters are seventh born children, The Talented trilogy is full to the brim with brothers.

Since many of you have already met many of Zezilia’s brothers in Seventh Born and The Defender, I am going to introduce you to Hadrian’s brothers. Most of them appear in Living Sacrifice.

Hadrian’s relationship with his brothers is different than Zez’s relationships with hers. This is partially because he is a brother among brothers and because of his obvious destiny to be a future Sept Son. Also, the Aleron household followed the Almighty, raising their sons in the faith of the parents.

Anonto, the eldest of the Aleron brood, is named after their father. Although he doesn’t make an appearance in the books, his brothers speak of him. He tends to not flaunt his status as the eldest brother. Instead, he is a retired defender, a bodyguard for the Sept Son, and content raising a brood of his own with his wife away from the tensions of war.

Lerato Dominick prefers to be called Dom. Since Anonto doesn’t claim the usual the role of the eldest brother, second born Dom tries to fill it. He bosses his brothers and tries to throw his weight around. His younger brothers, meanwhile, give him all kinds of difficulty over his attempts to be in control.

Cato, the roughest in appearance and shortest of the seven of them, is the most mysterious. Partially trained as a defender and then a healer, he disappeared for years without explanation. Despite this, Zez describes him as being the most at peace with himself of the brothers. Also, he sings in a lovely tenor, which makes Zez wonder if he led a life of a troubadour at some point.

Emil is the family flirt. Zez met him in the second book in the series, The Defender. He didn’t make a good impression then. When he reappears in the beginning of Living Sacrifice, he continues his unwelcome flirting, which causes some difficulties for Zez, Hadrian, and the brothers.

Jovan doesn’t appear in any of the books. Serving as a defender, which all of the brothers except Hadrian have trained for, he is only mentioned as being last seen in the far north.

Selwyn appears in all three books. Involved in the training of Zez from before she knew of his relationship to Hadrian, he has a close relationship with both Hadrian and Zez. Of all the brothers, he has the longest and the most turbulent history as a defender, which is shrouded in secret. He has been in retirement from service for many years, but he will always respond to Hadrian’s request for help. He, of all his brothers, is most likely to give Hadrian a well-deserved lecture.

An honorary brother of the Aleron clan, Korneli grew up with all the brothers, but he is closest friends with Hadrian. Blunt, flippant, and forthright, he is very willing to get in Hadrian’s face and confront him when he disagrees with his decisions. When Hadrian needs someone who he can trust to do a tough job well, he leans on Korneli.

I hope you are looking forward to meeting all of Hadrian’s family in the pages of Living Sacrifice, the final volume in The Talented series.


The Talented trilogy comes to its dramatic conclusion in Living Sacrifice. Pick up your copy today on Amazon or where ebooks are sold. It is also available in paperback.


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