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  • Rachel Rossano

New Books!

When I started out 2020, I had a plan. Three new book releases and at least two new books begun, if not written in one year. Yeah, just like all of the rest of the world's plans, the Lord threw a lot of unexpected surprises into my life this year. If you had asked me in March that I would be announcing this by year end, I would have said you were nuts. But the Lord saw us through. Publishing three books in 2020 is a huge deal, and I am super excited that I can announced we managed it by the grace of God.


The culmination of over a decade of planning, writing, editing, and publishing, the entirety of The Talented trilogy is complete!

Living Sacrifice

Separated, but still joined, they strive for freedom.

Left behind at the sept son’s compound, Zezilia Ilar struggles with the after effects of her prolonged commisceo-link with Hadrian. She devotes herself to caring for the wounded arriving almost daily from the battlefields. Pressed to perform procedures and make decisions far beyond her training, Zez grows in confidence and skill. All the while, she wonders if she'll see Hadrian again, fearing the worst possible news will arrive any day.

Sept Son Hadrian Aleron fights to bring peace to his home nation. Allied with the new high king, he and a small army of Talented struggle to retake the capital city. Elitists, though scattered, continue to pick off the strongest of his men. As he battles the remnants of the commisceo-link and tries to organize the campaign, he begins losing himself to exhaustion. Only a miracle will keep him alive.

Releasing November 2

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