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  • Rachel Rossano

Writing Update

The 2021-2022 school year finished with a round of family sickness. Don't worry, we have all recovered and are doing well, but I lost two weeks of productivity. Despite this, I am poised for a few weeks of intense writing. I am determined to get Cecily's Quest written and off to editing as fast as I can manage it. You have all been so patiently waiting. So, keep your eyes open for word count updates and quotes over on FB and IG as I pound this fun adventure out onto the page. 😊

My current project board

Despite this, 2022 has been pretty productive so far.

Published (as Elisa Rae)

The Elven Spymaster's Thief

The Shadow Elf's Rescuer

Written (as Elisa Rae)

the last third of The Elf King's Sacrifice

Current WIP (as Rachel Rossano)

Cecily's Quest

In Editing

The Elf King's Sacrifice (as Elisa Rae coming 9/6/2022)

Cianna's Fortune (as Rachel Rossano coming 10/11/2022)

In Plotting

Rein's Choice (as Rachel Rossano)

The Elven Healer's Apprentice (as Elisa Rae)

(Plus more book ideas to come)

The second half of 2022 will, Lord willing, be even more productive!


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