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  • Rachel Rossano

The Defender: Zezilia and Hadrian Return

Despite many obstacles, I can finally announce the pending arrival of the next installment in The Talented Trilogy, The Defender.

Picking up where the previous book, Seventh Born, left off, Zezilia is taking up the role she has studied and worked to attain, Defender of the Sept Son. Returning to a world she last knew as a child, Zez finds it has changed.

Meanwhile, Hadrian's life has grown significantly more dangerous. He is juggling his duties, evading assassination, and negotiating the toxic politics as factions grow more hostile.

The pair of them are walking into a trap.

October 10, 2019

The Defender (The Talented 2)

Inspirational fantasy

New roles. New rules. No margin for error.

Zezilia Ilar joins the sept son’s entourage as a defender. Her growing Talent ability makes her a target for the Elitists, and her gender makes people question her competence. She must protect the sept son. Any mistake could be fatal.

Hadrian Aleron always knew his beliefs would cause trouble, but he didn’t realize how much. Rebels are rising. He could lose his title, his position, and if he’s not careful, his life. As the assassination attempts grow bolder, Hadrian must rely upon his young defender and their shared faith in the Almighty to keep him from faltering.

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