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  • Rachel Rossano

My First Box Set and Other News

Life has been full. We are now two weeks into our school vacation, and what a crazy two weeks it has been.

I finished the rough draft of Rumpled Rhett (Once Upon a Duchy #3) on June 11th and sent it off to my beta readers. We are trying to get it all ready to go so I can get the preorder set up in August. The sooner I get the edits done, the sooner the preorder can go up. A guesstimate of the release date would be sometime in September or October 2021.

The following Monday (June 14th), I started project #2 for the year, Cianna's Fortune, a novella loosely inspired by Cinderella for a multiauthor project coming out in late 2022. What followed were two intense weeks of trying to get the rough draft done before the edits for Rumpled Rhett returned from beta readers.

Guess what! I managed it! Before all the edits were back from beta readers, Cianna's Fortune was finished on June 27th. It needs a quick edit before I upload it for the first round of beta readers, my fellow authors on the project. I am so excited for this book to be read.

Now I am working on the prework for writing the next Once Upon a Duchy novel, Lark's Song. Inspired by the Month Brothers, a Slavic tale similar in